GE Disposers

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What feed do you need?

Continuous-feed models allow you to push new waste in as the old waste is ground up and washed down. This means you can continuously feed the disposer while it's running, but it requires hard-wire installation under the sink and a wall switch for operation. If you're replacing an existing disposer, this may be the simplest choice for you.

Batch-feed models operate by loading them with a batch of waste and then using the stopper to activate the blades to start grinding. These are ideal for someone who is remodeling a kitchen or wants to add a disposer, but isn't set up with a pre-existing wall switch.

Why GE Disposers?

E-Z Mount System

Installation made E-Z

E-Z Mount System makes installation a breeze with fewer parts and steps than most of our competitors' installation systems.

Watch how you can install in minutes

Power to Get the Job Done

With high torque and speeds up to 3,500 RPM, GE disposers deliver a faster, finer grind and are less likely to jam or clog.

Drain Stays Free and Clear

Drain Boost technology features an angled fin that pumps water down with more force to consistently purge the drain of food and keep water running smoothly.

Safe for Septic Systems

Because GE disposers have a powerful grinding action that reduces food waste to small particles, they are guaranteed to be safe for any properly sized septic system.