How to Place Appliance Orders

GE Appliances offers several ordering options to suit your unique business needs.

GE CustomerNet

Place your orders in just a few clicks - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CustomerNet was created specifically for our Trade Partners to make doing business with GE convenient, simple & efficient.

GE CustomerNet helps you manage your business by providing the ability to:

  • View product specifications & installation info
  • Check price and product availability
  • Place, edit or track orders
  • Create customized brochures for homebuyers
  • View invoices, proof of delivery and pay online
  • View our parts catalog and place an order
  • Schedule a service call

To sign up, visit and click on the Register Now link or contact the CustomerNet Help Desk at 800-242-1333.

Supply Pro Connect

The future of order and delivery for builders!
Meet the industry's first integrated supply chain solution. Together, GE Appliances and Hyphen Solutions offer unmatched ordering support.

By using Supply Pro Connect builders can benefit from:
  • Universal - connects to multiple vendors
  • Paperless - offers complete automation of the order, ship, bill process
  • Flexible - connects to the builder's existing purchasing systems
  • Efficient - reduces errors, overhead and reconciliation
  • Simple - require minimal investment to get up and running.

Simplify your supply chain today! For more information about GE Appliances and SupplyPro Connect, email us at

How to Place Appliance Orders

Fax Orders

You may place your orders via fax using:

  • A custom GE Fax Form
  • Your own order form or purchase order

To obtain your Custom GE Fax Forms or more information about using your own order form or purchase order, email us at

Telephone Orders

You may call in your orders at 800-523-7277.

Have the following information available:

GE Account #
GE Model #'s & color
Door swing
Gas or Electric