The Finishing Touches

Personalize! Personalize! Personalize!

Embellish your home to fit your personality. It's your living area, after all. Put the things in it that will make you and your household the most comfortable.

Find a visually appealing transition between the kitchen area and adjacent spaces.

It's the little things that count. Here are some Finishing Touch ideas:

  • Furniture-look at various cabinet trims such as fluting, columns, crown moldings, flush (no toe kick) cabinet bases, turned legs–a new trend!
  • Baseboards or pierced toe kicks on cabinets
  • Painted cabinets or painted door panels
  • Unusual cabinet finishes such as glazed or rubbed
  • Mixed woods or finishes in cabinets, for a more eclectic look
  • Window doors on upper cabinets, with interior lighting
  • Free-standing furniture pieces such as a hutch cabinet or sideboard
  • Antiques - usable point of interest pieces like a breadbox or table
  • Clipped Corners on countertops and various types of countertop edging
  • Contrasting color accents on walls, accessories, towels and potholders, or in tiles
  • Stronger colored tile accents in countertops, backsplashes or flooring
  • Borders or "way-finding" patterns in flooring
  • Different countertop materials for different work areas
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