GE Appliances in Louisville

In a hyper-competitive industry, the only way to beat the competition is by working together as a team that is focused on being the best.

Since 2010, GE Appliances has invested more than $1 billion – hundreds of millions just in the past two years – to grow capabilities, deliver for customers and provide good jobs for the community.

Recent investments at Appliance Park have:

  • Created more than 3,000 new Louisville jobs
  • Added comprehensive skills training programs
  • Implemented advanced equipment, tools and special processes for improved competitiveness
  • Expanded and strengthened our product portfolio with locally-made appliances

GE and the IUE-CWA have unanimously endorsed a tentative agreement that proposes a fair contract with wage and benefit increases that are good for employees and make our business stronger. But employees have to vote "Accept" to make it happen.

By ratifying this contract, employees will show that they mean business when it comes to beating the competition.

Highlights include:

  • Two special ratification bonuses ($2,000 + $1,000) and an Accelerated Cash Payment ($1,500)
  • Retiree and pension benefit improvements
  • No healthcare contribution increases in 2015

Vote "Accept" on June 30 in support of American manufacturing and our community.