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The GeoSpring hybrid water heater maximizes energy efficiency and delivers all the hot water your customer needs. And since it uses the same water and electric connections as a standard water heater, installation is fast and easy. Plus, it's the only hybrid water heater assembled in America, so you know you’re providing your customer with quality service and workmanship.

The best choice in electric hot water heaters:

  • Qualifies for state and local utility rebates and tax credits.
  • 50 gallon and 80 gallon capacity, which makes it easy to replace a 40, 50 or 80-gallon standard electric water heater.
  • Provides the same amount of hot water as a standard electric 50-gallon water heater.
  • Uses the same water & electrical connections as current electric water heater.
  • Designed for common indoor installation in areas such as: basement, garage, closet, utility room, attic, etc.
  • Can reduce water heating operating costs by approximately 69%, a savings of $376 every year.*
  • Pays for itself in just 2–3 years.**
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards of 0.88 Energy Factor (EF).
  • Has 5 operating modes, including a vacation setting, for optimal energy savings & water heater performance.
  • Electronic controls makes it simple to change the temperature or operating mode.
  • 10 year limited warranty*** on all parts.
See GeoSpring™ Specification Sheet details See GeoSpring™ Specification Sheet details

* Based on DOE test procedures and comparison of a 2015 standard electric tank water heater using 4647 kWh per year vs. the GeoSpring hybrid electric water heater using 1514 kWh per year and national average electricity rate of 12 cents per kWh.

** Based on estimated consumer product cost of a GeoSpring Hybrid water heater vs. a standard 50 gallon electric water heater and $376 difference in annual operating costs.

*** See written warranty for details

50 Gal. Quick Specs

50 gallon model Quick Spec
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Owner’s Manual and Installation Instructions

Owner’s Manual and
Installation Instructions

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80 gal Quick Specs

80 gallon model Quick Spec
Coming January 2015
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Utility Rebate Information For Builders

Utility Rebate Information
For Builders

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