Product Highlights

Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens - Product Highlights

Many people want to steam vegetables in their microwave. Would you like to do that, too? This model includes a steam cook feature with pre-programmed settings to prepare all your steamed favorites, like rice and vegetables.

Take a closer look...and see what sets GE apart.

Great Design
A two-piece design with a hidden vent means no more reaching into difficult areas to keep your microwave oven looking spotless


Lighting the Way
Illuminate the cooking surface in variety of ways, including high and low settings, thanks to programmable cooktop light with on/off timer.


Health First
GE partnered with the USDA to offer the menu option. This feature has 5 pre-programmed food groups and 44 different choices.


Cleaning Made Easy
A porcelain enamel interior, which is the same material you'll find inside your oven, is non-porous and makes it easy to wipe up spills, splatters and dried-on foods.


Great Savings
A new Power Saver mode is designed to reduce power consumption while the microwave is not in use.

Explore Performance
Explore Performance

Circuwave™ 1000 cooking system
Enjoy fast, consistent cooking due to 1000 watts of cooking power, a stirrer that distributes microwaves and a rotating turntable.

Sensor cooking controls
Create delicious results with settings that detect humidity and automatically adjust time and power levels accordingly.

1-lb. Quick Defrost
Eliminate the need to stir and turn food; perfect for defrosting meat, poultry, fish and more, all with the touch of a button.

Explore Convenience
Explore Convenience

Melt feature
Easily melt delicate items, like butter, caramel, chocolate and cheese, without scorching.

Four-speed 400-CFM vent fan
Quickly remove smoke, steam and odors from the cooktop area

10 power levels
Make it easy to select the right amount of power for preparing great foods.

Easy set control dial
Makes it easy to program the oven and helps to prepare lots of favorite food items.

Explore Versatility
Explore Versatility

Recessed turntable
Enjoy even cooking results as foods continually rotates on the turntable or turn this feature off to accommodate large dishes.

Programmable cooktop light
Illuminate the cooking surface in a variety of ways, including high and low settings.

Two-piece design with a hidden vent
Means no more reaching into difficult areas to keep your microwave oven looking spotless. Plus, this vent improves the overall look of the microwave’s exterior.