Clear the Air

Kitchen Ventilation Options

GE offers a range of ventilation options, from traditional designer hoods to downdraft and slide-out hoods.

Explore Versatility

Commercial-Style Hood

The GE Café™ Series 30" commercial-style hood caps off the sophisticated appearance of any GE Café™ Series kitchen with robust style and smooth stainless steel.

Chimney hoods

Chimney hoods, available in both island-mount and wall-mount configurations, are installed above cooking surfaces to help remove unwanted air and grease and maintain the indoor air quality of your kitchen.

Telescopic downdraft system

Telescopic downdraft system rises over the cooktop in both island and traditional installations to capture smoke, grease, odors and moisture into the downdraft venting system

Downdraft cooktops

Downdraft cooktops are perfect for a kitchen island with no overhead exhaust.

A high-performance hood

A high-performance hood recirculates air and is available in 36" and 30" configurations to fit in most kitchen cooking areas. Traditional hoods feature a standard design with vertical or rear exhaust and fits in most kitchen and cooking areas. Not all features available on all models.

Explore Performance

Long-duct design

Long-duct design provides installers total flexibility to connect the exhaust vent to your home's ductwork from either the top or rear of the unit (up to the equivalent of 100 ft. of duct run).

Variable-speed fan control

Variable-speed fan control helps remove the smoke, grease, odors and moisture you create when cooking to keep your kitchen clean and livable.

Halogen cooktop lights

Halogen cooktop lights provide the convenience of additional light while you prepare foods.

The nightlight setting gives you the perfect soft light for those late night trips to the kitchen.

Quiet-running fans and blowers

Quiet-running fans and blowers help to keep your kitchen comfortable without disturbing your entire home.

Powerful 600-CFM blower

Powerful 600-CFM blower removes heat, moisture, food odors and suspended airborne grease particles from your kitchen.