Washers - The Water Is Not Draining Out Of My Washer

To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.

  • Make sure the washer lid is down. On 1994 and older models the washer spins and drains at the same time. So the lid must be down.
  • Wait a few minutes. On 1995 and newer models, pauses of up to 3 minutes may be noticed between cycles as the timer advances in steps. Do not manually advance the timer if it is pausing after agitation as you may miss the pump-out cycle.
  • On 1994 and older models, advance timer slightly to make sure timer was not in a pause mode.
  • On 1995 and newer washers, if no water is visible in the basket, but you hear a "sloshing water sound" as you move the tub, this is normal. The sloshing you hear is coming from the balance ring. The balance ring is attached to the inner clothes basket and allows the basket to spin smoothly during an out-of-balance situation.
  • Make sure drain hose is not "kinked" or trying to drain more than 8 ft. higher than the floor. The maximum height a GE full size washer will pump is 8 feet, as measured from the floor of the laundry area; 5 feet high for a compact or portable washer.