Washers - Moving Instructions

1995 and newer top-loading full size washers came with a shipping rod located on the lower right side of machine. When installing the unit the rod must be removed for the machine to operate. It states on the tag of the shipping rod to save the rod, just in case you need it for future moves.

View a short video about the shipping rod:
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Should you need to obtain a new shipping rod, the part number for the shipping rod is wh46x344.
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Many 2013 and newer top-loading washers use styrofoam shipping material to secure the tub. We recommend keeping the bottom styrofoam shipping base after installing the washer for future moves.

If moving the washer within the home, the tub does not need to be stabilized. If moving the washer from one home to another, we suggest putting the original shipping styrofoam base under unit, if available.

To prepare the washer for moving/storing/shipping:
  1. Unplug power cord.
  2. Re-install the shipping rod into the hole located on the right side of washer, as you face it.
  3. Turn off the hot and cold water supply to the washer and with a pair of pliers carefully unscrew and remove the hoses from the washer and the faucets.
  4. The hoses can be stored inside the washer tub.
  5. Remove drain hose from house drain standpipe. Remove the mounting screw that holds the hose attached to the back of washer.
  6. Pull drain hose out and store it in tub.
Note: The washer must be shipped in an upright position. If unit is shipped lying on it's side, the inner tub will beout of alignment, causing the inner tub to rub against the outer tub.

Front load washers and some compact model washers do not come with a shipping rod. According to the Installation Instructions for these machines there are 4 bolts, 4 yellow plastic spacers, and 4 metal "p" clamps that need to be saved and reinstalled before moving the washer to prevent any damage to the machine.
Note: Should you need to obtain a new shipping kit for a front load washer, the part number is wh16x10006.

"S" line (1994) and older: Be sure the washer is properly protected to prevent damaged to outer cabinet. We recommend that you keep the packing material that was mounted on top of the agitator when you first opened the lid when your washer was new. This packing keeps the inner tub from banging against the outer tub and chipping the porcelain. We recommend the washer be moved in an upright position only.

If necessary, a blanket can be packed down between the two tubs to help protect during shipment. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Consumer Service or schedule a service appointment on-line.

Note: GE does not advise laying the washer on its side, front or back. This can cause the suspension support pads to come loose and chipping of the tub.