Microwave - Filter Replacement

If your GE Spacemaker microwave has a recirculating charcoal filter, it will need to be replaced periodically.
(Charcoal filters cannot be cleaned.)

A few tips on recognizing when a charcoal filter should be replaced:
  1. If upon using the vent system, odors detected are different from the foods which are being cooked. This would suggest a build-up of heavy grease which has trapped previous cooking odors in the filter.
  2. If the entire surface area of the charcoal filter appears to be shiny, this would suggest the presence of a heavy grease build-up since the filter's surface normally appears as dull and porous.
When the filter fills with cooking grease, it should be replaced.

The following suggestions are basic, and may not be specific for your model.
For specific instructions on accessing and replacing the charcoal filter, please consult the Owner's Manual.
Download a free copy of the Owner's Manual and/or Installation Instructions.

To view a short video on how to install a charcoal filter:
Play Video

To remove charcoal filter:
  1. Disconnect power at main fuse or breaker box.
  2. Remove top grille (above door) by taking off 2 (or 3) screws which hold it in place.
  3. Please refer to your U&C manual to see if your grille type slides left and then out or just pulls straight out.
  4. Grasp filter and slide it toward the front of the microwave. It should slide out easily.

To install the new filter:
  1. Remove plastic and outer wrapping.
  2. Insert filter into top opening of oven, mesh side up.
  3. Be sure that the filter is resting at an angle on the 2 side support tabs and in front of the right rear tab.
  4. Replace grille and secure with screws.
Note: The filter slopes down slightly when installed (higher in the front). This is normal.

Replacement filters can be ordered from GE Parts. Purchase a GE part or accessory on-line.

Note: While it is understood that knowing exactly when to replace an ineffective filter could save money and improve the operating efficiency of the range or microwave venting system, it is not possible for GE to provide an average life, or to rate the filters based on hours of usage. This is because cooking styles vary greatly from person to person, and the grease that comes from cooking is the major contributing factor leading to a charcoal filter becoming ineffective.