Refrigerator - Cubes Clumping in Ice Bin

If the ice cubes are clumping check the following:
  • Make sure the freezer light is going off when the door is closed. How to check freezer lights

  • Low Use: When the ice bin is full, the pressure from the weight of the cubes can cause the bottom cubes to fuse and clump. To prevent this from happening, discard the clumped ice and check the bin periodically to ensure the ice is not building up. If you do not use a large amount of ice, turn the icemaker off and stop ice production.

  • Make sure the freezer is 3/4 full of food. If necessary, add plastic jugs filled 2/3 full of water. The less empty space there is in the freezer, the more efficiently it will cool. This is because the items in the freezer absorb the cold and help the freezer maintain a steady temperature.

  • Check for a large quantity of ice in the bin and empty it when it is not needed. The pressure created by a large amount of ice can cause the ice to clump. This is especially a problem if large amounts of ice are not used or the ice dispenser is used infrequently.

  • If the ice is allowed to stay in the bin for a long time, it will begin to evaporate and cause clumping. Remove the old ice from the bin. If large amounts of ice are not needed, turn the icemaker to the off position. Raise the metal feeler arm up or turn the switch off.