Refrigerator - Cleaning Tips for the Exterior


The steel exterior of your GE refrigerator is coated with a high quality baked-on finish. However, without proper care degradation of this finish can occur and permit rust spots to form on the outside of the cabinet.

To keep your refrigerator looking new and provide protection for the exterior paint finish, we recommend that you apply a coat of appliance polish wax (wr97x216 - 8 ounces) to the refrigerator when you purchase it, and then at least twice a year.

Note: This does not apply to stainless steel exteriors. Stainless steel exterior cleaning.

Proper care of the paint finish will help maintain the new look and provide protection against rusting.

This is especially important for appliances that are located near the ocean because of the salt, sand, and humid air.

If the exterior should become soiled, wipe it off with a clean cloth lightly dampened with appliance polish or a mild household detergent. Use a clean, soft cloth to dry and polish the cleaned surface. (Do not wipe with a soiled dishwashing cloth or a wet towel.) This is the recommended way to clean CleanSteel™ refrigerators.

View a short video about cleaning the exterior of you refrigerator:
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If you are unable to locate appliance polish at your grocery, there is an appliance polish for the cabinet exterior available from GE Parts. (This also works well for removal of tape from the refrigerator when unpacking.)

Note: Other household waxes for appliance finishes are routinely evaluated and are fully acceptable/recommended by the wax manufacturer. However, automotive waxes and polishes have not been evaluated so are not recommended.


The Mr Clean Magic Eraser and Mr Clean Orange Cleaner can be used to clean your refrigerator door handles. The Mr Clean Magic Eraser is now available through GE Parts as a 4 pk (part number wx10x10002).

View a short video about cleaning white door handles:
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