Range - TrueTemp System

GE's exclusive TrueTemp™ system with advanced technology provides exceptional cooking performance and consistently even oven temperatures. The TrueTemp system includes an electronic oven control and a platinum tipped oven sensor for even heat distribution and maximum oven control.

The TrueTemp™ was designed with a SmartLogic™ electronic controls with a platinum sensor. The GE TrueTemp™ system monitors and maintains oven temperature. It senses sudden, significant heat loss and responds with extra power. It will click on and off as it cycles, every 2 to 3 minutes, this is normal.

For benefits of ERC (Electronic Oven Control) controls
The TrueTemp™ system is offered on:

Freestanding electric ranges with QS-III, QS-IV and QS-V 7/97 and Later.
Gas freestanding ranges with QS-III, QS-IV and QS-V 5/98 and later.
Built-in wall ovens 27" and 30" 10/98 and later models

The following are the features of GE TrueTemp™ on Electric Ranges only:

  • Faster Preheat/Reheat -Accelerates preheat and recovery time.

    Note: Preheat time for TrueTemp™ varies, non-hidden bake models will preheat faster than hidden bake models.

  • New "Digipad"(QS-V only) - Provides digital precision with easy-to-set controls. Simple, convenient cooking is quickly initiated.

  • New "Time and Temperature"(QS-IV only) - For viewing convenience, the time and temperature are displayed simultaneously.

  • New "Digital Temperature Display"(QS-II and QS-III only) - Combines the accuracy of digital temperature readout with the convenience of a QuickSet knob. "Temp recall" will be written under (-) minute pad. Press this to see the selected oven temperature.

  • New Start Pad/Prompt (QS-IV and QS-V only)

  • New "SF" or "Special Functions" (QS-v only)

Check the Owner's Manual for specific model set-up information. Download a free copy of the Owner's Manual and/or Installation Instructions.