Range - Directions for Setting a Self-Clean Cycle

Note: The following information will be helpful, but may not pertain to your specific model. Because there are many different types of timers and controls, see the Owner's Manual for your model for specific details. Many manuals are available to view online Download Owner's Manuals and/or Installation Instructions

Remove all cookware, food, and heavy soil deposits from oven. A plastic scouring ball and water may be used to remove any heavy soil.
  1. On window doors with shields, slide the door shield to the closed position, then close the door.

  2. If your model has a latch release button, push and hold the latch release while sliding the oven latch to the clean position.

    • All Hotpoint and RCA models (except LEB316) have a "hidden latch". To lock the oven for cleaning, lift up the hinged latch cover located directly above the range door (under cooktop) and slide the latch to the "Lock" position.

  3. Turn the oven set and oven temperature knobs clockwise to "Clean".

    • Some ovens do not require you to set the temperature knob. These models can be easily recognized because the temperature knob does not have a "Clean" position on it. The temperature knob can be set on any temperature.

    Note: Do not set the oven for self-clean cycle if the oven clock is not working properly or the oven lamp cover is missing.

  4. Push in and turn the STOP dial ahead from the present time of day, 2 hours for light soil or 3 hours for heavy soil. For example: If the current time is 9:30; set clean stop dial to 12:30 for a 3 hr. clean. The start and stop clocks normally show the same time and move with range clock.

  5. The "Clean Light" should glow immediately, indicating that the clean cycle has begun. The "Lock Light" will turn on automatically, approximately 30 - 40 minutes into the cycle. The "Clean Light" may cycle on and off on some models. When the clean cycle has ended, the clean light goes off. Then, approximately 30 - 40 minutes after the clean light has gone out (when oven has cooled slightly) the "Lock Light" will go off.

  6. When the "Lock Light" goes off, push and hold the latch release button while sliding latch back to the "Cook" position, or lower the window shield on models with a window shield. Turn the oven SET Knob to OFF.

    • Note: On older models DELAY START is also known as PUSH TO START and the STOP clock may be labeled CLEAN.