Dryers - Benefits of the Automatic Dry Cycle

The automatic dry control feature, on GE dryers, is designed to help prevent clothes from overdrying. Overdrying may reduce the life of the fabric.

To avoid overdrying, the automatic dry feature helps determine the amount of time necessary to dry a load of clothes. By continually sensing the temperatures of the air in the dryer drum, the thermostat controls the heat source (heater coils or gas valve) and the advancement of the dryer timer.

When the laundry is wet, the air is cool in the dryer. As the load begins to dry and the drum air is warm, the heat turns off. As the air cools, the control activates the heat to come on again.

This off and on cycling may happen a number of times (depending on the fabric, load size, and cycle selector setting). The cycle selector advances (when the heat is off) until it automatically turns off dryer.

Note: The Auto Dry or More Dry or HotPoint's Auto-Sensi-Dry or Heavy Dry perform the same function.
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