Range - Checklist for Self-Cleaning Problems

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Oven Does Not Clean:
  • With both gas and electric ovens, check the directions to be certain that all operations were done correctly for starting the clean cycle.

  • Mechanical Timers must be set to the proper positions. The stop dial must be set three hours ahead of the start dial.The start dial must be set at the same time as the range clock and must be in the "popped out" position.

    Both Oven Set and Oven Temperature knobs must be set on "clean."

  • ERC Models must select the "clean time" pad and set up.

  • A thick layer of spillover, when cleaned, may leave a heavy layer of ash in spots and can insulate those areas from further cleaning. For more information on ash in the self-clean cycle.

  • Electric Double Self-Cleaning Wall Ovens: Only one oven will clean at a time.

  • Not cleaning around the door gasket is normal.

  • Make sure that the "Bake" select and the thermostat control knobs are not switched. This can sometimes happen if the knobs are removed for cleaning.

  • If the above situations do not apply to your situation, verify the proper clean time, check the Owner's Manual for other suggestions, then restart the clean cycle.
Oven Door Does Not Unlock.

Self-Clean Does Not Work on a Hi/Lo Electric Range:(Please check the Owner's Manual for model specific information.)
  • Make sure that the correct controls are being used.

  • Only the bottom controls are used to set the self-clean function, regardless of the type of controls.
The Self-Clean Cycle Does Not Turn Off on Gas or Electric Models:

  • If the clock is advancing or the ERC (Electronic Range Control) is counting down, the time allotted for the cycle has not expired.

  • To turn the oven off on mechanical timer models: Turn the stop knob to the time of day. The knob should "pop out." Turn the oven set knob to "off" and the oven temperature knob out of the "clean" position.

  • On ERC models, press cancel or clear/off.

  • If the self-clean cycle still does not stop, turn the power to the range off at the household breaker or fuse box.

If the suggestions above do not correct the situation, contact service. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Consumer Service at 1-800-432-2737 or schedule a service appointment on-line.