Refrigerator - Ice Cubes Are Too Small

If ice cubes are too small, the source of the problem will likely be one of the following:

  • A restriction in the water supply could cause the ice cubes to be too small. GE recommends a non-self piercing saddle valve for this reason. Often times the self-piercing style will become restricted very quickly because the opening it pierces in the water line is so small. If a self-piercing saddle valve has been used, turn the saddle valve shut off all the way in and then back out again. The intent is for the saddle valve to pierce the hole again, which could possibly resolve the restriction. This is a plumbing issue not an issue with the icemaker or refrigerator.
  • A restricted water valve on the refrigerator could cause the ice cubes to be too small. This issue can be resolved by service. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Consumer Service or schedule a service appointment on-line.
  • A clogged water filter, on models so equipped could cause the ice cubes to be too small. Replace the filter and then allow the icemaker to go through several cycles and check the result.

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