Range - Explanation of the 2001 "Certified" Sabbath Mode Feature

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The Consumer Need:

Traditional Jews adhere to religious laws that distinguish between holy and secular periods of time, with the holy times being annual holidays and the weekly Sabbath, which lasts from sundown Friday until after sundown on Saturday. These laws detail various activities that are restricted during holy times. Since some of those laws apply to the use of electricity, this presents some complications for observant Jews is using electrical appliances, Following consultation with a kosher certification agency, we have made some changes to the controls on many of our range products.

How does this feature work ?

When the Sabbath mode feature is activated, the oven may be set either to go on immediately and stay on for a set amount of time, or turn off automatically after a set amount of time. The oven will stay at the temperature the user selects when entering the Sabbath mode. The digital control display will not show time, temperature, or selected oven function until the Sabbath mode feature is manually de-activated at the conclusion of the Sabbath or holiday. While this may seem unusual to many people, it makes it possible for observant Jews to serve warm food on holidays, the underlying principle being that it is permissible to use electricity that is already on but not to turn it on or off during the duration of the holiday. Observant Jews are thus prohibited from turning on or off the oven, or taking an action that causes the oven control display to change during the Sabbath or religious holidays.

Certified Sabbath Mode:

"Star K" is a Jewish Kosher certification organization that agreed to partner with GE to design the new Sabbath mode feature into our electronic range controls. As a result of that partnering process, "Star K" certifies that the models listed on their web site (link listed above) fully meet all of the necessary requirements concerning the use of the range during the Jewish Sabbath as well as other holidays such as Passover and the High Holy Holidays in the fall. Certification of our product is very important to these consumers to ensure that the product complies with Jewish law; that is why we have the "Star K" logo included in our spec sheets, catalogs, and at Point of Purchase displays. The "Star K" logo will instantly be recognized and understood by the observant Jewish community.

Product Availability - The addition of the certified "Sabbath Mode" was done as a running change. This means the change occurred during production and the model number will not reflect the change.

To view current Star-K certified models.

Owner's Manuals All models that have this certified Sabbath Mode feature will have instructions in the Owner's Manual on how to activate and use this feature. Check individual Owner's Manuals for specific model and usage information. Download a free copy of the Owner's Manual and/or Installation Instructions.

Sabbath Model FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can the oven be kept in the Sabbath mode for as long as three days ?
A. Yes

Q. How easy is the oven light bulb to remove ?
A. Because observant Jews are forbidden to take an action that causes things to turn on during the Sabbath, it is a problem of the oven light goes on when the oven door is opened. This problem is easily circumvented by removing the bulb or (more easily) simply setting the oven light to be on before the oven is programmed for Sabbath mode.

For further information relating to how the range operates and can be used in accordance with Jewish law, please contact Star-K for additional information. The Star-K website address is, or contact Star-K by phone at 410-484-4110.