Dryers - My Dryer or Timer Stops During the Cycle

To minimize the possibility of electric shock, unplug this appliance from the power supply before attempting any maintenance or cleaning. Remove lint filter. Using a flashlight check for an obstruction in blower.
  • Check the power supply. Electric dryers require a separate 220-volt outlet, 30 amp dual breaker or two 30 amp fuses. For more information on electric dryer power supply.

  • Make sure the front of the dryer is not blocked causing it to overheat. For more on overheating issues.

  • When dryers are put in the automatic cycle the timer will advance sporadically so it may at times appear that it is not advancing at all. For more information on timer operation.

  • GE Profile™ Series stainless steel dryers (DPSB620 and DPSB650) have a automatic no-load detection system. When a sensor cycle is started in the dryer, the dryer will detect the presence of a clothes load. If no load is present, the dryer will automatically shut itself off after about 2 minutes then displays "Clean Lint Filter" light or display screen.

    This may also occur on dryers which are tilted to the rear. This tilt causes the clothes load to move to the back of the dryer drum away from the sensor rods. The dryer should be leveled front to back to correct this problem.

    This feature saves energy and reduces wear on the dryer.

  • Models with Detangle have reverse tumbling to reduce tangling, dry more evenly, and improve drying times. When the dryer reverses direction, there will be a slight pause and sound change. It will turn counter-clockwise 9 minutes, clockwise 1 minute.
If the above suggestions do not resolve the issue, service may be needed. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Consumer Service or schedule a service appointment on-line.