Range - Explanation of the Lockout Feature

The range Lockout feature allows the user to lock out all oven and surface burner operation. When locked, there can be no unintended oven or surface burner activation.

Note: As of summer 2013, the control lockout button locks out the oven controls only, not the gas burners.

To activate:
  1. press Range Lockout pad
  2. press Start
To deactivate feature: repeat the steps listed above.

If the power fails to the home while the range lockout feature is activated, the range lockout feature will remain activated once the power has been restored.

The range lockout feature can also be activated while the surface burners are in use. Once range lockout has been activated the gas will stop flowing to the surface burners. The control panel will flash to remind you to turn the surface burner off.

Caution: If the surface burner is left in the on position gas will flow once the range lockout feature has been deactivated.

Note: Cooktops with control lock feature, when the lock is engaged and a burner is turned on, the cooktop will buzz and no gas will come out.

View a short video about about the lockout feature:
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