Icemaker - Will Not Receive Water

  • New installation? Were doors removed? If yes, make sure wiring harness, under the upper freezer door hinge cover or at the bottom of the freezer door depending on the model, is plugged in.

  • There is only one copper line needed to a refrigerator. 2 plastic water lines run from the double water valve to the icemaker and dispenser door.

  • Pour about 4 oz. of water in the icemaker mold and wait about 2 hrs. If it kicks the cubes out you at least know the icemaker is running.

  • The fill tube going into the icemaker can freeze causing no water to the icemaker but the dispenser will still work. Icemaker must be pulled to verify this and will need to checked by a service technician. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Consumer Service at 1-800-432-2737 or schedule a service appointment on-line.

  • Ice in the dispenser tank behind the vegetable drawers can prevent water to the freezer door, while water will still flow to the icemaker. To get rid of ice in the tank you must increase air circulation by increasing run time. Turn the thermostat up and/or add more food to refrigerator and freezer. It may be hard to determine if the tank is frozen because the tank is frost white.

  • NOTE: On GE water filter models the icemaker and dispenser will not get water if the filter is removed or clogged. Make sure the filter or "filter plug" is in place. If filter has not been changed in six months we would suggest that you change your filter. Filters should be changed every six months.