Refrigerator - No or Slow Water from Dispenser

  • New installation: Make sure the cradle has been held down 2-3 minutes to allow the reservoir to fill completely. The reservoir is located in the fresh food section. This does not apply to Top Mount models with a water dispenser, because there is no reservoir.
    Note: It take approximately 7 seconds to fill an 8 ounce glass.

  • No lights on the control panel and no water and/or ice situations.

  • No water: Make sure the water line to refrigerator is turned on. The saddle valve is used to connect the water supply line to the house plumbing and must be fully open for the refrigerator to receive water.

  • Note: On GE SmartWater filter models, a clogged or partially clogged filter will result in no water or slow running water from dispenser. Please change the filter. Filters should be changed every 6 months. To confirm a clogged filter, please remove the filter and install the supplied filter bypass plug in its place. Try the dispenser, if the water flow improves from the dispenser, the filter is clogged and needs to be replaced.

  • No water from door, check the water tank behind the vegetable bins to see if it is frozen or cracked. This is hard to do visually, usually a frozen tank will be split and will leak on the fresh food floor. Low food load in the fresh food section can cause the tank to freeze.

  • The meat pan lever may also be turned to the coldest position and on units that have a low water usage, this will also cause the tank to freeze. You will want to lower the meat drawer setting or use more water from the door. This does not apply to Top Mount water dispenser models, because they do not have a reservoir.

    View a short video about troubleshooting water dispenser issues :
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    View a short video about slow water dispensing issues:
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  • Dispenser drips water constantly will be a water valve problem, and should be checked by a service technician. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Consumer Service at 1-800-432-2737 or schedule a service appointment on-line.

  • Dribble as defined as a small amount of water (few drops) that may miss the glass ONLY AFTER USAGE. This is due to a delay in the overall system.

    Dribble can be minimized by the following actions:

    - Purge the tank, by holding down the dispenser for 2 to 3 minutes, to remove any trapped air that may be building pressure and causing the dribble.
    - A few drops is normal, but you can also prevent water from missing the glass and dripping down the cradle area by moving glass slower when removing it from the cradle.
    - You may need to periodically empty the recess grill and clean out underneath it to prevent overfilling and water dripping down the front of the refrigerator.

  • Also, remember the dispenser in the door will not operate unless the door is closed.