Refrigerator - Top-Mount Gasket Issue

It is recommended that you first disconnect the power by unplugging from the wall outlet or turning it off at the circuit breaker.
  • If the gasket has cuts/tears/rips it needs to be replaced. You may order a replacement part Purchase a GE part online or schedule a service appointment on-line.
  • If the gasket has pulled loose from the door it can be pushed back into the retainer.

    To view a short video on inserting the door gasket:
    Play Video

  • If the gasket has deformations or wrinkles in it a blow dryer can be used to correct. Place the blow dryer on the low setting and aim it at the section that needs correcting. Use your hand to smooth out the gasket as you blow it with the blow dryer.
  • For some models, lubricating the hinge side of the gasket with a thin layer of petroleum jelly may be suggested. Please refer to your Owners Manual for instructions.
Download a free copy of the Owner's Manual and/or Installation Instructions.