Repairing Scratches on Appliances

The steel exterior of your GE appliance is coated with a high quality baked-on porcelain finish.

To keep your appliance looking new and provide protection for the exterior paint finish, we recommend that you apply a coat of appliance polish wax when the appliance is new, and then at least twice a year.

You may use appliance wax for light scratches that occur, but larger scratches will need to be repaired with appliance touch up paint.

Touch up paint is available through our parts department. If you would like to Purchase a part, please contact our GE Parts Center at 1.800.626.2002 or purchase a part on-line.

Note : This does not apply to stainless steel and CleanSteel™ exteriors. Scratches on these products cannot be repaired, parts will need to be replaced.