Range - Proper Oven Door Position During Broil

When broiling food items (including chicken) in an electric conventional oven or range, the normal practice is to leave the door slightly ajar. This allows the air temperature in the kitchen to force the broil element to stay on, rather than cycling off and on.

The doors on the ovens and ranges have an automatic catch/stop, which allows the door to stand slightly ajar when broiling.

View a short video on how to avoid damaged knobs during broil:
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Note: Some current 2005 wall ovens now offer optional closed door broiling. Check your individual Owner's Manuals for specific model and usage information. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual and/or Installation Instructions.

Exception: on 20 inch compact ranges JAS02 and JAS03 models, the door should stay closed during broiling.

Note: prior to 1993, some Owner's Manuals mentioned closing the door when broiling chicken to allow proper cooking of the chicken. Current testing has proven that closing the door is not necessary. However, if you prefer to close the door, this is not a problem.

The above directions apply only to electric ovens. Gas oven doors should be closed for broiling.