Washers - Will Not Fill or Slow Fill

Check to ensure proper washer filling:

  • Check the fuses, breakers and the plug. The washer should be on a separate outlet.

  • Check to ensure the water is turned on to washer. Ex: The temperature selector is on hot but the hot water is turned off or vice-versa.

  • 1/2 of the water valve on the washer can fail and you will only get hot or cold. To check, try changing water temperature switch to different selections. You should get hot or cold but not warm.

  • Slow fill can result when the water pressure is too low. To check your water pressure call your water company.

  • Slow fill can also result from stopped up screens in the washer water valve.
  • To check your screens:
    1. Unplug the washer from the wall outlet.
    2. Turn off the water at inlet faucets.
    3. Pull the washer away from the wall to allow enough room to get behind.
    4. Locate the hose connections on your washer, take a pair of slip-joint pliers and turn the metal hose connections counter clockwise to remove.
    5. Allow the hoses to hang into a bucket to catch water. Inside the fitting on the washer are the screens.
    6. Clean the screens.
      • Metal screens need to be gently pried out with a small pocket screwdriver.
      • Plastic screens can be pulled using a pair of long nosed pliers.
    7. In some instances, you may have to replace the screens, re-attach the hoses, turn the water on and check for leaks.
    8. Plug the washer into wall outlet. Slide the washer back into place.

  • If the washer fills but never runs, make sure the standpipe is 30" high. Any less will cause water to siphon back out of tub and never agitate.

  • Some models will not fill if the lid is up.

  • It may be necessary to advance the timer slightly and pull the knob out again. The start cycle varies slightly from the graphic on the control panel.

  • Electronic Models Only: If the Final Spin light comes on and the washer will not fill with water, disconnect the power to the washer for 2 to 3 minutes to reset the controls.

If the above suggestions do not correct the situation, service may be required. If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Consumer Service or to schedule a service appointment on-line.