Dishwasher - Soap Stuck in Cup
If you have dishwasher detergent stuck in the soap cup after a full cycle, please check for the following conditions:

  • The water temperature should be at 120 degrees (140 degrees if your dishwasher has water heating capability). Check your water temperature Check your water temperature.

  • Make sure the soap cup is not blocked by anything.

    View a short video about the soap cup operation:
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  • Allow the dishwasher to fill and make sure it is getting a proper amount of water. The dishwasher should fill for about 90 seconds. On Permatuf® plastic tub models, the water should measure 3/8" above the island near the center of the tub. On all other models, the water should measure about 1/2" below the heating element.

  • Check the lower spray arm for any blockage in spray holes or items that would restrict its turning.

  • Make sure the soap cup has opened at the end of the cycle.

  • Check the sump area inside the dishwasher for any restrictions.

  • Information on how to clean caked soap out of the cup .