Range - Lift up Cooktop

An electric range with a lift-up cooktop saves time and effort in cleaning spills that pass below the burners. Beginning with the 1992 model electric ranges, there is lift-up upswept porcelain cooktop. These easy to clean cooktops have a torsion bar and are supported by twin support rods that make it easy to lift with one finger. The cooktop locks into place..

With the top up, the porcelain subtop is accessible for cleaning. There are no wires or pipes to clean around.

Some models have a cooktop that can be lifted up for easier cleaning. The entire cooktop may be lifted up and supported in the up position.

The surface units do not need to be removed; however, you may remove one to make raising the cooktop easier. There are two side supports that lock into position when the cooktop is lifted up.

After cleaning under the cooktop with hot, mild soapy water and a clean cloth,lower the cooktop. Be careful not to pinch your fingers.

To lower the cooktop, push the rods back and gently lower the cooktop until it rests in place.

Note: Slide-in ranges and drop-in ranges have a different support system, but will have the smooth porcelain surface underneath the cooktop for easy cleaning.