Advantium - Cookware to Use

Cookware that is Safe to Use in the Advantium Oven

GE recommends the use of the metal cookware provided with the Advantium oven or other oven-safe (non-metal, non-plastic) dishes.

Any oven safe glass/ceramic cookware can be used in the Advantium oven. Most of the cooking performed in GE test kitchens was done with Pyrex and Visions cookware. The largest rectangular dish that can be used in the over-the-range Advantium is an 11 x 7. The cookbook incorrectly states 11 x 17.
The largest rectangular dish that can be used in the Advantium wall oven is 9" x 13".

Silicone cookware has become very popular. The silicone cookware can be used when microwaving only. When speedcooking the Advantium can get much hotter than the temperatures recommended by the silicone cookware manufacturers.

"Oven Safe" plastic cookware cannot be used in the Advantium oven. The temperatures in the Advantium oven can exceed 500 degrees and the plastic will begin breaking down. Use only the metal pans provided or oven safe glass/ceramic cookware.

Note: When experimenting with recipes in the Manual Cook mode, the microwave power must be set to ZERO if using any metal cookware other than the pans provided with the unit (such as muffin pans). Only the upper and lower halogen lamps can be used under these circumstances.

Why Cookware Will be Hot to the Touch in the Advantium

Since the Advantium oven utilizes the heat from halogen lamps to cook, the cookware will become very hot.

Always remember to use oven mitts to remove cookware from the oven.

Cookware may also become hot while microwaving due to:
  • thermal transfer of heat from the food to the cookware (hot food will make the dish hot).
  • using cookware that is not microwave safe.
For more information on appropriate cookware, please consult the Owner's Manual. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual and/or Installation Instructions.