Water Systems - Water Softener Error Code

An error code indicates an electrical problem in the timer, the motor, the wiring, etc. If you just installed your water softener, it is possible that you have a loose or disconnected wiring in the control. Contact your installer or check for the following:
  • Unplug the power cord (transformer) from the wall outlet.
  • Remove the front control cover. Push in on the snaps on each side to remove the cover.
  • Pull the cover forward slightly and rest the front on the top of the tank.
  • Make sure that all the wires are pressed firmly in place.
  • Check the blue color double wires on the left, the black double wires on the right, and the two connector blocks. Make sure that these wires are connected.
  • After having checked the connections, re-assemble the control front by aligning the cover with the snaps on the side. Press down slightly and the cover will snap in place.
    If a loose connection was found, and the power is restored, the control will need to be set. Refer to the Owner's Manual that accompanied your Water Softener or obtain control set-up information online.
  • If an electrical spike takes place from an incoming power line in your home, disconnect the power, unplug the power transformer from the wall outlet and wait for one minute, then plug the transformer back in. Reset the control.

    Note: If a problem exists with the softener, the error will reappear after 6 minutes. If this occurs please contact service at 800-952-5039 for the nearest authorized SmartWater™ Servicer in your area.