Refrigerator - Benefit of Electronic Touch Temperature Controls

Up-front controls allow for easy access. Controls are preset at the factory at 37°F for fresh food and 0°F for freezer. However, temperatures can be adjusted (either by degree) between 34°F and 44°F for fresh food and between -6°F and +6°F for the freezer.

M Series models come preset at 5 and 5. They can be adjusted between 1 and 9 (9 is the coldest setting). Electronic controls allow for independent temperature control of the fresh food and freezer which result in less severe temperature fluctuations.

  • Top-Freezers: Consists of electronic controls and three electronic temperature sensors. The sensors monitor the surrounding air temperature and communicate their readings to the main control board. If the fresh food section needs more cool air, the control board activates a fan that circulates cold air from the freezer to achieve the desired temperature. Instead of a damper, an opening to the fresh food section from the freezer allows the fan to move the cold air to where it is needed. If the freezer needs to be colder, the temperature sensor alerts the control board to turn on the compressor and evaporator fan. The compressor runs until the desired set temperature is achieved.

  • Side-by-Sides: Consists of electronic controls and up to five electronic temperature sensors. This system works similiar to the top-freezer system, the differences are the number of sensors used to monitor temperatures and the use of a damper and fresh food fan, instead of an opening from the freezer. When the fresh food section requires more cold air, the damper opens and a fan moves cold freezer air into the air until the desired temperature is reached. Then, the damper closes again. The fan reduces the cool down time. When the freezer section requires more cold air, the main control board energizes the compressor and evapotor fan until the set temperature is reached.

  • To view a short video on adjusting the temperature on actual temp models:
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    To view a short video on adjusting the temperature on set point models:
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    To view a short video on adjusting the temperature on Monogram models:
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    In the event of a power failure, the refrigerator will remember the current setting and resume operation when the power is restored.
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