Dryer - Noisy / Squeaking

The following are normal dryer sounds:
  • A squeak when the unit is started is normal; the sound should go away after the first few seconds of operation.
  • The sound of the drum as it turns.
Sounds that are not normal:
  • Thumping sound.
  • Humming sound.
  • A squeak that develops after unit has heated up, but unit does not squeak when cool.
  • Squeaking that is very short and repeats every few seconds (a chirping sound).
Things to check when you hear a sound that is not normal:
  • Make sure dryer is level and on a secure floor and that nothing is leaning against the dryer.
  • Check for foreign objects in the drum. (Coins, buttons and zippers will make a rattling sound as they roll around in the drum)
Note: If dryer making unusual noise do not use until it has been checked by a qualified servicer. Continued use may cause wear of other parts making the repair more costly.

If you would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact GE Consumer Service or Click here to schedule a service appointment on-line.