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Our American Kitchen

At the Firehouse

The members of the Carteret, NJ Fire Department consider themselves family. Like most families, the kitchen is where they gather. It's the heart and life blood of the fire department and it never closes.

Firehouse Story

Chase Finds His Voice

Chase is a 13-year-old boy with a joy for cooking, a healthy curiosity about food and his own cooking show on the Internet.

Chase’s Story

Cookies in Rome

Maryann, a retired school librarian, is now known throughout her small town as the Chocolate Chip Cookie Lady. Her mission is to spread friendship, love and cookies throughout the world.

Maryann’s Story

Jerome's Barbershop

It may seem they have little in common, the older Jerome from the segregated South and younger Carlos from Puerto Rico. But through a mutual love of barbershops, pizza and wings, they've become fast friends.

Jerome’s Story

A Family Built on Love

The Richards Family is made of five kids, with two sets of twins, from three countries and filled with a lot of love.

The Richards’ Story

Chefs at Home

Noble Holden is a chef and farmer who lives with his partner Amara on a small farm near Louisville, Kentucky.

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Noble & Amara’s Story

The Edwards Family

No matter what life's thrown at him, Mark Edwards has always persevered. Through his love of cooking, he teaches his two girls that the only obstacles in life are the ones you create for yourself.

The Edwards’ Story