Mother and Daughter holiday baking Mother and Daughter holiday baking
Festive Recipes Festive Recipes

No holiday is complete without delicious food to share with our friends and family. We're dishing out our favorite recipes along with a few new ones to help make your get togethers a noshing success.

From our home to yours

From creating your favorite appliances to helping you make it through the holidays with your sanity intact—everything we do today reflects our rich history. Watch some of our employees share the way GE Appliances touches their lives from work to home.

A Cookie for a Carol

For 12 years, Lora's Christmas party has become a favorite celebration of the season for friends and family. But you'd better come ready to bake and sing—everyone brings their own homemade cookie dough and raises their joyful voices in song.

Nana's Recipe Book

Katie wanted to preserve Nana's favorite recipes for her family in a way that's more personal than a typed up list. It didn't take her long to prepare it, but Nana's recipe book will serve many generations with good food and warm memories.

A Slice of Life

Amanda is truly a chef at heart. Her passion is creating delicious recipes for our website. One dessert is her specialty though—the same one that her grandmother and her mother are well known for creating...pies.

The Gelatin Incident

One recipe substitution has left a permanent mark on Melissa's dessert-creation reputation. She couldn't hide her mistake, and now her family won't let her live down this Thanksgiving dessert "surprise."


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Christmas Cookies Christmas Cookies
Pro Tips for Cookie Bakers

How to Bake Holiday Cookies Like A Pro

Does it seem like everyone at the cookie exchange party has a secret life as a pastry chef? Or are you afraid to give your cookies as gifts because they look more like "outtakes" than "stars?" It's time for you to learn the secrets our pros know to make your cookies look and taste like you bought them from the bakery.