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Cookbook author, blogger, mom & wife.

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A cookbook author, a blogger, a mom, a wife and a big fan of her GE stove. Katie Workman set out to create a cookbook that would be a self–help guide for moms in the kitchen and a game plan for picky kids. Her first cookbook, The Mom 100 Cookbook, was written using her beloved, trustworthy 19–year–old GE stove.

Katie Workman is a cookbook author, a blogger, a mom, a wife and a big fan of her GE stove.

Time for a refresh

Katie's kitchen in her New York City apartment was falling apart. Rickety cabinets and peeling floor tiles were just the start of her kitchen's problems.

My appliances were between 10 and 19 years–old. We were overdue for a kitchen renovation.

Katie spends a lot of her time in the kitchen, where she perfects her recipes and updates her blog. "I've never had a kitchen where everything goes together. It's a real gift and a beautiful place to be." says Katie

The Recipes

Katie has developed four fun breakfast recipes that you can make at home. They are all quick to prepare and will please picky kids and adults. Try one today!


A classic dish, an egg–in–a–hole is a very cheerful way to start the day. Toss on some jalapeno and bacon, if you like, for even more flavor.

Breakfast Challah Bread Pudding

This breakfast challah, smoked cheddar and sausage bread pudding is perfect for a weekend brunch. Simple and easy to make, but a really impressive presentation.

Yogurt–Berry Pops

A simple and flavorful start to your morning! These yogurt-berry pops are an easy way to take the classic fruit–and–yogurt combo and turn it into something that feels like a serious treat.

Mini Frittatas

These delicious mini frittatas with bacon and cheese bake up so quickly and easily in the oven. And, they're portable if your family needs to eat breakfast on the go.

Katie Workman

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Katie Workman is a cook, a writer, a mother of two, an activist in hunger issues and an enthusiastic advocate for family meals. Learn more about Katie at

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