Tips on Using Your Gas Cooktop

Cooking with a Gas Cooktop

Tips for getting more from your gas cooktop


How a gas cooktop works

  • Natural gas or propane provides the heat source for the flame.
  • An electric lighter ignites the flame under your burner.

Warm-up time

  • Gas cooktops and burners don't require any warm-up time. The flame lights at the level you choose with almost immediate heat.

Cool-down time

  • Gas cooktops tend to cool down quicker than their electric counterparts.
  • Cooking elements, such as burner covers, cool down faster, too.
Gas Cooktop Tips

Changing the temperature

  • Adjusting the knob provides immediate adjustment to the flame level and the temperature–no need to wait for the electricity to kick in!


  • In general, a gas cooktop is quite precise, enabling you to exactly match the heat to the dish you're cooking.

Heat distribution

  • The gas cooktop's open flame evenly distributes heat to the burner.

Cook time

  • Because of reduced warm-up time and heat distribution, dishes on a gas cooktop may cook faster.

No power? No problem

  • If you lose electricity, you may still use your gas cooktop; you'll simply have to ignite the flame using a match.
Gas Cooktop Tips

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