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Selling GE Appliances Since 1982

Patrick Mister

GE Appliances has been extremely supportive to our business.

- Patrick Mister, Vice President

GE Appliances is actually the first vendor to give us a start. When we were breaking into the business, GE Appliances was willing to give us a chance. GE Appliances has been extremely supportive to our business and important to us in many ways. The GE Appliances brand has helped ADU open the door with Builders, Remodelers and Designers, and now with five showrooms in four states, we know we made the right decision in partnering with GE Appliances.

Working with General Electric is like working with our own. Our representative visits our showrooms assisting our salespeople with sales programs, enabling us to win sales and projects throughout the territory. Our salespeople travel with him visiting builders and remodelers as a monthly project. Over the past 33 years, the relationship between GE Appliances and ADU has grown both in trust and respect.

General Electric's support after the sale is important to both our salespeople and our customers. Clients find the call center very helpful and informative for both service and product information.

Thomas Oliff

They're team players (GE Appliances). They're always here when we need them.

- Thomas Oliff, President

The support from GE Appliances, in my opinion, is number 1 bar none. From the standpoint of the training, the support from the sales team — they're team players. They're always there when we need them.

The logistics are good and product availability is good. We're able to maintain competitiveness with all the other lines that are available to consumers and to builders. I can't say enough about GE Appliances. I've always made a promise that GE Appliances would be number one as long as I'm at the helm with Appliance Distributors Unlimited, and 33 years later, they are still.

When I think product quality and advancement, GE Appliances has always been the leader. In 33 years we've seen technology change the industry dramatically and GE Appliances has led in that category.

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Patty Wynkoop


Homebuilder and Real Estate Developer since 1964

Patty Wynkoop - Vice President of Product Development & Purchasing

For me, what makes GE Appliances unique and special, especially for a production builder, is that they can cover us from entry level all the way to luxury end. We have a partner in them - not knowing where we might have to position ourselves within a community - we know that with them, we can make commitments. We also benefit from the volume they have within our region, the product availability, and the information they have on buying trends.

It's not only product, but when it comes to distribution and warranty - when I really go core Miller and Smith, if I had to fight for it and say, "This is our best partner", that is what sets GE Appliances apart 100%.

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Partnering with GE Appliances to Build Great Homes

Dee Crescini-Lewandowski

They get the product here on time and it's a name brand.

- Dee Crescini-Lewandowski, Vice President

We went with GE Appliances because they're national. They're easy to deal with. They get the product here on time — and it's a name brand.

In the last two years, when we built the studio, we partnered with trade partners that have brand recognition. If you talk to people, they understand GE Appliances. The homes that we build are focused around the kitchen, so the appliances are incredibly important - to have something that not only looks good, but functions well.

We build homes in a pretty quick time frame. We have closing dates that we have to meet. Appliances are one of the last things that go in. It's critical that if we have a date to hit that they make it. GE Appliances has been a great partner in that respect in that we have not had delayed closings because a refrigerator hasn't shown up. We don't want to close a house that's not 100%. You don't want to move in and have trade partners coming in constantly to touch up paint or to put your washer and dryer in. You want to move in and be able to have cold water to drink while you're unpacking your boxes, do that first load of laundry so you can make your beds, and sleep there comfortably the first night. Our goal is 100% on time. One of the reasons we partner with GE Appliances is because they can provide that.

Quality-wise, GE appliances are beyond compare. We do not have a lot of service issues. We warranty our homes for two years and that includes the appliances, so if something goes wrong, we need a company that's going to stand behind it, whether it be repair it or replace it. GE Appliances can do that.

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