Star Wars - The Force of Innovation
Star Wars - The Force of Innovation

Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher

Hidden Controls / Twin Turbo Dry Boost
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Dishwasher - Twin Turbo Dry Boost
Dishwasher - Silverware Jets
Dishwasher - Smart Connected Dishwasher
Dishwasher - Total Loading Flexibility
Dishwasher - Piranha Hard Food Disposer

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Twin Turbo Dry Boost™

Defeats condensation cling even on hard to dry plastics.

Silverware Jets

Dedicated jets leave silverware sparkling every time.

Smart Connected Dishwasher

Monitor the cycle status and rinse aid levels via your smart device.

Total Loading Flexibility

Adjustable height rack, fold-down tines and third-row rack ensure fit for utensils, plates and more.

Piranha Hard Food Disposer

Steel blades pulverize food particles to prevent clogs and ensure consistently clean dishes.

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