GE Advantium Ovens

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Advantium for the last-minute entertainers

Shop for an Advantium Speedcook Oven

What is Advantium technology?

Advantium technology harnesses the power of light. The outside of the food is cooked like a conventional oven, with radiant heat produced by halogen bulbs above and below the food. This halogen-produced heat receives a boost of microwave energy. The result? Foods brown and cook evenly and fast, while retaining their natural moisture.

Advantium Provides Versatility - 4 Ovens in 1

1. Speedcook oven

2. True European Convection oven

3. Sensor Microwave oven

4. Warming/Proofing oven

Compare Advantium Cooking Times

Food Advantium 240 Oven Advantium 120 Oven Conventional Oven* Time Savings**
Breaded Seafood Fillets 4½ minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes 25½ minutes
Crescent Rolls 5¼ minutes 8½ minutes 20 minutes 14¾ minutes
Chocolate Chip Cookies 7½ minutes 11 minutes 20 minutes 12½ minutes
4 Baked Potatoes 10 minutes 12 minutes 82 minutes 72 minutes
12" Pepperoni Pizza 10½ minutes 15½ minutes 27 minutes 16½ minutes

* Conventional cooking times include preheating.
** Time savings based on Advantium 240 wall oven.

GE's Newest Advantium® Oven

Advantium Speedcook Technology

Impress last-minute dinner guests with advanced cooking technology that delivers oven-quality results two to eight times faster than a conventional oven.

How It Works

Delivers oven-quality results 2 to 8 times faster than a conventional oven. No preheating required!

Easy To Use

Advantium does the work for you so you'll feel like a professional when bringing gourmet-quality results to the table.


Advantium technology from GE comes in several different configurations to fit any kitchen design, including over-the-range ovens, single wall ovens, and a built-in combination wall oven.

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