Make Space for a New Chest Freezer

    Chest freezers are an ideal solution to ensure you always have enough freezer space. Our top-loading freezers come equipped with forward-thinking features for convenient food storage. Discover smart freezer chest models with advanced cooling technology, from adjustable temperature control to manual defrost settings. For added convenience, external controls and lock and key openings provide easy access to your frozen goods and freezer settings.

    Gain Plenty of Freezer Space with a Chest Freezer

    Top-loading freezers from GE Appliances provide reliable and spacious frozen storage solutions that fit seamlessly into your home or garage. We design our chest-deep freezers with durability and efficiency in mind. With up to 22 cubic feet of capacity, they accommodate large quantities of food and provisions.

    Keep Your Food Safe During Power Outages

    Rest assured you won't suddenly lose power with our garage-ready chest freezers. Our Power Outage Promise ensures your food remains frozen for 48 hours in the unopened freezer if its power source is compromised.

    Choose the Perfect Shape and Size for Your Chest Freezer

    When deciding on the perfect chest freezer for your garage or home, explore the different options from GE Appliances. Our chest freezers come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. If you need the maximum space to stock up on frozen goods for the whole family, opt for a wide 22-cubic-feet-capacity freezer. If floor space is limited or you're looking for a smaller freezer to store ice and desserts, a 5-cubic-feet model might be a good fit.

    Discover the extensive range of freezers from GE Appliances, including upright models with more space. Shop new freezers and upgrade your food storage appliances today.