Discover Versatile Built-In Microwaves from GE Appliances

    Maximize space and minimize effort with a built-in microwave that seamlessly blends with your kitchen aesthetic. GE Appliances offers a wide selection of built in microwave ovens that combine style and functionality. Choose from black, black stainless, stainless steel, or white for a finish that matches and elevates your existing cupboards and countertops.

    With a range of sizes and styles, our built-in microwave ovens offer versatility to suit your specific kitchen needs. Choose microwaves with 1.1 cubic feet capacities to maximize small kitchens or tight pantry spaces. For a larger family kitchen, try an in cabinet microwave measuring up to 2.2 cubic feet. Or, for maximum space-saving, opt for a two-in-one built in microwave and convection oven.

    Find the Best Built-In Microwave for Your Day-to-Day Needs

    Everyone has unique kitchen habits, preferences, and priorities. Customize your microwave control panel for a personalized and user-friendly experience. With advanced microwave features such as sensor cooking and air fry capabilities, our microwaves ensure precise and efficient cooking results that enhance your meals. Use our scan to cook technology to follow food manufacturers’ cooking guidelines at the click of a button. You can even determine the optimum defrosting time and power level by simply weighing your food. With these and many other special features to choose from, you’re sure to find a built-in microwave that makes your day-to-day cooking fun and hassle-free.

    Transform Your Kitchen with a Microwave Oven Built In

    Upgrade your kitchen with built-in microwave ovens from GE Appliances for a seamless cooking experience. Browse our selection of built in microwaves to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Alternatively, explore all GE Microwaves to find the right style, size, and configuration for your specific needs. And, for expert advice on what to look for when buying a new microwave, take a look at our handy microwave buying tips.