Simplify Your Cleaning Routine With a Portable Dishwasher

    Experience the convenience and versatility of portable dishwashers from GE Appliances. Washing dishes doesn't need to be a drag. Instead of manually tackling the dreaded kitchen clean-up, let our moveable dishwashers clean your dishes to a professional standard.

    One of the best features of our portable dishwashers is their mobility. Sturdy wheels make it easy to move your dishwasher around your kitchen. If you move homes, you can easily take your investment with you. Our moveable designs offer unrivaled flexibility that a traditional built-in dishwasher doesn't.

    Move Your Dishwasher on Demand

    A portable dishwasher on wheels is the perfect solution for any kitchen. Our dishwashers guarantee thorough and efficient cleaning with advanced features. Stainless steel interiors resist stains and odors, and the 3-level wash system uses powerful spray jets for spotless rinsing.

    These dishwashers also provide an NSF Certified Sanitize option, reducing 99.999% of the bacteria found on your dishes. In addition, with their Energy Star® certification, these moveable dishwashers deliver excellent cleaning performance while minimizing water and energy consumption.

    Choose a Style and Color To Accentuate Your Home

    Besides reducing your domestic workload, our portable dishwashers complement your stylish home interior. Choose a design that suits your kitchen space and layout, from slim, streamlined models to wider, more spacious setups. Whether you have limited space, lack a built-in dishwasher, or simply want the flexibility of a portable unit, there's a dishwasher that will meet your requirements.

    Our dishwasher options aren't limited to portable designs. Explore many other dishwasher options from GE Appliances, including built-in designs that are here to stay - available in various sizes, colors, and finishes.