Find a New Countertop Microwave for Everyday Convenience

    A countertop microwave may be a small appliance, but it can make a powerful impact on your kitchen. Discover the range of portable microwaves from GE Appliances that add convenience to your daily routine and fit seamlessly with your cooking space.

    Cooking and reheating have never been so easy with our smart features and space-efficient designs that make a smart addition to any kitchen.

    Forward-Thinking Microwave Features Make Cooking and Reheating a Breeze

    There's more to our countertop microwaves than simply heating up food in an instant. At GE Appliances, our full range of microwaves boasts smart features for improved cooking results and increased efficiency.

    The weight and time defrost setting takes the guesswork out of defrosting food. Simply enter the weight, and the countertop microwave oven will set the optimal time and power level to achieve perfectly defrosted food. The turntable can be switched on or off, depending on whether you want to enhance your cooking with 360-degree rotation. With so many smart options at your disposal, your new microwave will be your go-to appliance.

    For busy days when you're multitasking in the kitchen, the last thing you want to worry about is getting the timing wrong. Our countertop microwave designs feature a built-in kitchen timer to help you keep on track, plus a handy button that adds an extra 30 seconds when you need more time.

    Find the Best Countertop Microwave for Your Home

    Countertop microwave ovens from GE Appliances make an efficient addition to your kitchen. With many different colors, finishes, and designs to discover, choose an appliance to enhance the aesthetic of your home.

    If you need a helping hand to decide on the perfect microwave for your and your family's needs and space, look at our microwave buying guide. Shop countertop microwaves and more online now.