The GE Appliances Story

  • Look Ma, No Hands!

    At GE Appliances, we make ovens you can control with your voice as well as your hands.

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  • Rest In Peace, Gary

    Our fridge with the Keurig® Brewing System comes with a feature we call “Hot Cocoa Makes Everything Better”.

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  • The Ewww Remover Feature

    We’ve created a dishwasher with deep clean silverware jets. We call it our “Ewww Remover” feature.

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  • GE Café™ Series

    GE Café™ Series gives both aspiring and seasoned cooks reasons to rejoice. Every appliance is made to be the perfect chef’s complement. Equipped with details purposefully designed to help meals become masterpieces.

    GE Café™ Series Appliances

  • GE Profile™ Series

    GE Profile™ Series represents the cutting-edge of modern design. Each offering is crafted to make a sophisticated statement. Attract the eye. Perfectly complement modern finishes, materials and colors. By blending artistic details with brilliant features.

    GE Profile™ Series Appliances

  • Monogram

    In the world of high-end appliances, Monogram stands out with its own brand of luxury. It’s the kind of luxury that makes a statement of quality and timeless elegance. Monogram luxury is also appealing in that it makes sense for your life.

    Monogram Appliances

  • Made in America

    Many GE appliances are designed, engineered and built by thousands of employees in the U.S. When you buy GE appliances, you’re investing in the livelihood of these hardworking Americans. Thank you!

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  • Our Initiatives

    At GE Appliances, we’re committed to being ambassadors of a better tomorrow for our neighbors, communities and environment.

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  • More About Our Company