• Speedwash
  • Delicates
  • Hand Wash
  • Jeans
  • Dark Colors
  • Whites
  • Normal (Light Colors)
  • Towels / Sheets
  • Sanitize
  • Bulky Items (Comforters, Pillows)
  • Quick Rinse
  • Drain and Spin
  • Basket Clean
  • Steam Refresh
  • Steam Dewrinkle
  • Steam Select (1-13 Garments)
  • Timed Dry
  • Quick Fluff (No Heat)
  • Quick Dry
  • Bulky Items (Comforters, Pillows)
  • Towels / Sheets
  • Cottons
  • Normal (Mixed Loads)
  • Jeans
  • Casuals (Permanent Press)
  • Active Wear
  • Delicates
GE’s New HE Top Load Washer & Dryer
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GE HE Topload Washer

Clean Like It
Never Happened

Innovative stain removal and steam settings create an advanced wash system designed to easily remove common stains.

Remove Stains with the Push of a Button

Remove Stains with the Push of a Button

The Stain Removal Guide is pre-programmed with the ideal wash settings to tackle four common stains: tomato, oil, dirt and grass.
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Loosen Soils with Steam

Loosen Soils with Steam

Steam Assist penetrates deep into fabric fibers, loosening stains like tomato and grass, yet protects your fabrics.
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Never Measure Again

Never Measure Detergent Again

SmartDispense reservoirs hold about 2 months worth of
detergent and fabric softener and automatically dispense the
right amount for each load.

Adjust your preferred amount
for each load, and check the
indicator to see when to
refill the detergent and
fabric softener.

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Pour it all in! Each reservoir holds 140 ounces of liquid detergent & fabric softener!

Downy and Tide

Wrinkle-Free and
Ready to Wear

Steam options in the dryer help refresh everything from a single outfit to a forgotten load.

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Take Clean Further with Large, Flexible Capacity

GE’s largest capacity top load washer and dryer help you get more laundry done in less time.

Wash Bulky Bedding—
or Baby Socks

Flexible capacity in the washer and a spacious interior in the dryer allow you to clean anything you need to, from large loads to small, delicate items.

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Easily Reach the Bottom

Deep Tub Access offers an ergonomically designed wash basket opening so anyone can easily reach the bottom.

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See What's Going on Inside the Washer

The clear glass lid lets you take a peek inside without opening the washer mid-cycle. And a bright LED light helps you find every last sock when the load is finished.

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Open the Lid and it Stays Put!

Our Soft-Close Lid uses hydraulic technology to allow the lid to open to various angles, then close gently every time. Perfect for tight spaces.

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Personalize Your Settings

With My Settings, you can wash and dry your clothes with the settings you prefer on any cycle, and save them as favorites.

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reduced vibration
Reduced Vibration
reduced noise
Reduced Noise
reduced sound
Reduced Sound

Wash Without
the Shake

Quietly washes any size load without vibration thanks to technology that optimizes spin patterns.

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Large, Flexible Capacity
Easy Tub Access
Watch Inside
Soft Close Lid
Create Your Own Settings
No More Shaking

GE’s New High-Efficiency Top Load Washer & Dryer

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GE® High-Efficiency Top
Load Washer

  • 5.0 Cu Ft Capacity
  • 28'' W x 44 1/2'' H x 29'' D
  • Stain Removal Guide
  • Steam Assist
  • SmartDispense Technology
  • CleanSpeak Communication System
  • Soft-Close Glass Lid
  • My Settings
  • LED Washer Basket Light
  • Energy Saving Mode

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Where to Buy

$1299 MSRP

$1399 MSRP

GE® Dryer with Steam

  • 7.8 Cu Ft Capacity
  • 28'' W x 44 1/2'' H x 32'' D
  • HE SensorDry
  • CleanSpeak Communication System
  • My Settings
  • Energy Saving Mode

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Where to Buy

Electric — $1199 MSRP

Gas — $1299 MSRP

Electric — $1299 MSRP

Gas — $1399 MSRP
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