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Enter the GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater price and your average energy rate.

Estimated GeoSpring Price


MSRP* is $1,200.

Are you replacing a broken standard water heater?

A sunk cost of $399, the average price of a standard water heater, will be deducted from the calculation.

Average Energy Rate


National average = 12¢/kWh.

Find average energy cost for your state:


Enter any incentives, rebates, or credits you'll receive toward your GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater.

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Your Estimated Energy Costs**

Standard Electric Water Heater


per year

GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater


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GeoSpring Price* $XXXX.XX
Std. Water Heater Sunk Cost −$XXX.XX
Incentives & Rebates −$XXX.XX
Net GeoSpring Price $XXX.XX

Average Household's Estimated Savings Per Year**


The GeoSpring costs less to run compared to a standard electric water heater. That means savings for you each year!

When do I see the savings?

X.XX years

Net Price ÷ Yearly Savings = Payback

After only X.XX years the GeoSpring pays for itself! Then you’ll save money each year.

Where to Buy

* Resellers determine their own resale price.

** Based on DOE test procedures and comparison of 50-gallon standard electric tank water heaters using 4646 kWh per year vs. the GeoSpring hybrid water heater using 1514 kWh per year. The national average electricity rate of 12 cents per kWh; this estimate was calculated using the electrical rate that you selected to represent your local cost per kWh.