FAQs | Microwaves

1. My microwave works but does something unusual.
2. Why is there moisture on the interior of my microwave oven?
3. Why do the walls or floor of my microwave feel warm to the touch?
4. May I use metal in my microwave?
5. Can I dry food or herbs in my microwave?
6. How do I prevent food spattering inside my microwave?
7. May baby food be heated in the microwave?
8. May a browning dish be used in the microwave?
9. My microwave is displaying "PF" or "8888." What do I do?
10. How can I tell if a dish is microwave-safe?
11. How can I tell if the vent on my Spacemaker™ over-the-range microwave is working correctly?
12. Popcorn won't pop in my microwave; what can I do?
13. How big is too big in the microwave?
14. The paint inside my microwave is chipped or scorched.
15. How do I use a trivet in my microwave?
16. My microwave is displaying a strange code. What do I do?
17. My microwave is displaying "18 power watch code." What do I do?
18. Why don't the 7, 8, and 9 keypads on my microwave seem to do anything?
19. The touch control panel on my microwave isn't working properly.
20. My microwave runs but doesn't heat.
21. My microwave turntable isn't turning. What do I do?
22. What do I do if there is popping or arcing in my microwave?
23. My microwave has an odor.
24. How do I clean my microwave?
25. How do I change the power level on my microwave?
26. How do I set the clock on my microwave?
27. How do I replace the oven light in my over-the-range microwave?
28. How do I test whether my microwave is performing properly?
29. What do the fault or error codes that appear on my microwave display mean?
30. My question is not found in these FAQs. Where do I look next?