GE WiFi Connect

Wall Ovens & Ranges

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A WiFi-enabled range or wall oven lets you set timers, check cooking status, and preheat - whenever and wherever you are.

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Wall Oven & Range App


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Receive helpful alerts and reminders, such as when it's time for a replacement filter, or if the door has been left open.

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Check on the status of your dishwasher from your phone, and get an alert when the dishwasher is finished.

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Laundry Pair

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Stay on top of your laundry with an app that allows you to track your washer and dryer cycles and set alerts right from your phone.

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GeoSpring™ Hybrid Water Heater

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Adjust the temperature or set vacation mode on your GeoSpring hybrid water heater using the GeoSpring app on your phone.

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Water Heater App


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The ConnectPlus module can unlock the connected features of your WiFi-compatible appliances.

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Questions about security? GE Appliances is committed to ensure the security of your appliance.

All connected appliance data is held in strict accordance with the GE Appliances Connected Data Privacy Policy.