Connected GeoSpring™ Water Heater

Get precise control over your water heater from your smartphone.

Get the hot water you want plus the cost savings you need. When you use the ConnectPlus module (purchased separately) with your GeoSpring*, you can control and monitor your water heater using the GeoSpring app on your smartphone.

With the GeoSpring app, you'll be able to:

  • Change your water heater operating modes and temperatures
  • Select vacation mode
  • Receive maintenance alerts
Switch from Hybrid mode to Vacation mode with the tap of a button.

See GeoSpring Water Heaters

All connected appliance data is held in strict accordance with the GE Appliances Connected Data Privacy Policy.

* Available on models GEH50DFEJSRA, GEH50DEEJSCA, GEH80DFEJSRA and GEH80DEEJSCA. Older models may not retrofit.