7 Storage Ideas for Pots & Pans

Hang Pots and Pans

Frustrated by the mishmash of your pots and pans storage? Keep them in good order with these effective storage ideas.


Regularly shaped plates, bowls, and glasses are easy to stack, store, and find in your kitchen cabinets. But pots and pans and their lids come in all shapes and sizes, making them challenging to keep in order and frustrating to find. Put these seven ideas to use for storing pots and pans.

Pots and pans on display

If having pots and pans out in the open fits into your kitchen design sensibilities, use these tips to max out your storage.

  • Install a pot rack: Most hang over an island or other open space and typically include both hooks for pots and pans and a shelf that lets you stash less frequently used pieces. They're great for keeping items at hand and easy to find.
  • Add single–bar storage: Similar in look to a towel rack, these single bars use S hooks to hang pots and pans. Hang them on a narrow stretch of wall or in a nook.
  • Try a pegboard: A simple and inexpensive DIY solution, a pegboard also relies on hooks to hang pots and pans from their handles.
  • Find a spot for shelves: For your smallest of pots and pans you only need about 8 to 12 inches of depth for storage. Think about a narrow shelf, even one across or above a window or on a backsplash.
Store Pots and Pans in Drawers

Hidden storage for pots and pans

If you'd rather keep kitchen essentials such as pots and pans out of sight, explore these storage ideas that are hidden behind doors or drawers.

  • Add a vertical rack to a drawer: Tuck an inexpensive piece of hardware such as a manila file organizer (found in office supply stores) inside a drawer to keep lids for pots and pans upright.
  • Upgrade a cabinet shelf with a pullout: If you can't see what's stashed at the very back of a kitchen shelf, you can't get to all your pots and pans. Replace a stationary shelf with a pullout option for easier access.
  • Swap a door for a drawer: Pulling out the whole drawer enables you to get a good view of all its contents from above.
Store Pots and Pans in Drawers

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